I´m from Valladolid, and 22 years ago the vicissitudes of life brought my wife Anabel and me to Malaga,to her parents` (Tito and Maria) restaurant. Here, in the prestigious localthey regented,and always in the company of my wife, who Iowe everything I know about this job, my passion for gastronomy awoke.

After several years of experience and learning, we decided to set up our own restaurant, "Miguel," becauseof my name.I'll always be gratefull to all myclients for their loyalty, support, tips and reviews.

We try to make an honest and discerning cuisine basing it on ancestral culinaryfundaments,with the simplicity of the familiar flavors of our memory of tastes, but in a spirit of constant renovation to keep our clients, and ourselves, aways from routine.

This forces us to maintain a lively cuisine, thanks to the experience and sacrifice of Javier Boal and his team, Reme and Africa, keeping a highlevel inalldishes, which are subjected to daily scrutiny of our customers. To maintain a level of top quality raw materials are needed, what we get through the network of suppliers who we have workedwith for many years, who know our criteria and the requirements we impose on their merchandise.

“Miguel” is a restaurant and also a philosophy: to make our clients  feel like in home  since they enter until they leave, with  the quality of our dishes  and with  the  treatment their receive, from the fire places  to the dining room


"Miguel" is a restaurant and also a philosophy: make our clients feel like in house from entering to leaving, for the quality of our plates and for the received treatment.
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